Trying Basic 5 and 6

My family and I went back to the Aerodrome in honor of my day off. I hoped it would be less crowded, due to the public skating session being only three hours. Wishful thinking, it turned out…

We made it to the rink a few minutes early, which was great because it gave me a chance to watch the Theatre on Ice adult team practice. It looked really awesome, and there was a lot of talent, even a pairs couple, so it may take a while for me to be strong enough to try out. Aside from that, convincing my boss to accommodate their practice time will be an even harder challenge. Regardless, it was great to see and I got to talk to an adult male skater I had met at the skating rink we visited a week ago. 

Skating was okay; I feel my confidence rising each time. At the same time I am seeing that it’s going to take a lot of practice to do the steps well and I want to have the strongest foundation possible. It was nice to work through the Basic 5 and 6 skills for the first time. I did everything except for the spiral, as by that time, the rink was so crowded, the idea of sticking my leg in the air behind me didn’t seem so smart.

Here’s what I learned I need to work on today…

Inside three-turns – The left side was much better than the right, but neither was particularly great! I felt much better about the outside left one today, but the insides are a different story!

Hockey stop – This is definitely a confidence thing and I got better as I practiced. What helped most was having Mike skate backwards and being able to hold on to him while I stopped. After doing it a couple of times that way, it felt okay to try without him. I still need to get stronger, but I was happy that I got over the fear of doing it.

One-foot spin – I have no idea how to do this the way the video showed, but I did one acceptable one from back crossovers and stepping into it. It travelled and was unstable, but I was able to spin some. I’ll take it!

I didn’t watch Basic 7 or 8 yet, but I did try a waltz jump this time on the ice, since my back and ankle both felt better. I did it from back crossovers and while it didn’t exactly fly in terms of height, I did it, so that’s okay for a first try.

I got new laces for my boots today (they’re not yellowish and funky like my old ones, which is much better) and left my skates to get the blades sharpened. It should be interesting to see how the sharp edges affect my skating next time!

I still think my husband has all of the makings of an ice-dancing champion… just need to convince him of that!!!


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