Second Group Lesson – Back to Reality

I was riding high into today’s practice session, but my body didn’t seem to be on the same page as my aspirations. 

It took a lot less time, although still a couple of re-ties, to get my skates laced to a comfortable fit. It’s crazy – when it’s just the littlest bit too tight in the foot, my feet scream very quickly. Loosening it up the tiniest amount eases the pain. 

My back was really sore during practice. I used some of the time between practice and my class to stretch, and it felt better during the class. I’ll try stretching before getting on the ice next time and hopefully that helps!!

During the practice session, I stroked to warm up and that felt good. I did backwards crossovers in both directions, again good, other than my lower back. I tried all of the skills I worked on Saturday. I got through them, but they were weak. Both my waltz jump and my salchow barely got off the ice on a good attempt. The waltz-side toe hop-waltz combo was all over the place. I did feel better about my inside and outside three-turns from standing and from moving. 

I also worked on forward outside and inside edges on the hockey line. Those felt good. I did one decent one-foot spin that didn’t travel; that was probably the most exciting element! The practice wasn’t terrible, it just hurt a lot more than it did on Saturday. Subconsciously that might explain the lack of lift on my jumps, as what comes up must come down, and ouch!!

The class, itself, was hard today! My group was working on crossovers (forward and backward), outside three-turns, a combination with an outside three-turn to back crossovers to a Mohawk, and then beginner waltz jumps. 

I loved the coach, as she has been involved in skating for 50 years! After class, I learned she knew my old coach, which was really cool!! As much as I liked her, she was a hard (read “good”) coach for me. She was very much into technique and breaking down moves into components. According to my mom, I’ve never had this skill, and time has not improved this. 

On backward crossovers, she started talking about pushing and keeping your feet crossed before you’re ready to push again. I tried this and ended up falling on both knees. My bruise from Saturday is going to have its own bruise on my left knee and my right knee got its bruise initiation. 

All of the technique talk was good for me, and I’ll have to try and remember it all when I practice! 


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