Over the Hump of the First Session – Lesson 5

The Whole30 has been doing some incredible things in my world. I’m on Day 9 (not counting the 21 day Daniel Fast) and I’ve dropped some weight without even trying to or worrying about it, I feel better, my clothes fit right again, and my emotions feel much more stable. 

My back pain is about 50% of what it was, although it still comes and goes, for reasons I don’t understand. Today was worse than yesterday (less sleep perhaps), but it didn’t feel nearly as bad as this time last week. 

The craziest thing is how uncharacteristically flexible I was at yoga on Tuesday night (my second class in years, and my second ever “real, taught by a yogi” class) and I was even able to relax during shavasana, which is something I’ve always struggled with. It was absolutely amazing!

I was hoping my good feelings would carry on to the rink this week and it was good. I was definitely more comfortable than the past couple of weeks and it showed in my practice. 

I was excited that I was on the ice the majority of the hour session and didn’t feel like I was overdoing it. I practiced stroking, edges, three-turns (holding the final edges), scratch spins, Waltz jumps, the Waltz jumps with the two hop, salchow, toe loops, backward edges, and spirals. Everything was feeling better!! I tried to convince myself to do a flip, but I never completely worked up the nerve, but it was definitely a start!

Here are the two videos I took: 

2/2/17 – Salchow in Practice
2/2/17 – Toe Loops in Practice

This is the first lesson where I feel like I did better in practice than in the lesson. We worked on scratch spins and salchows. At the end of the lesson, we were introduced to back outside three-turns, which was the most awkward move I’ve attempted yet!

I learned that a scratch spin only counts if your free leg crosses in front of the standing leg. Otherwise, it’s just a one-foot spin. I tried to get my leg there, but it sure is scary!! Apparently making an “h” with your free leg helps with all your jumps and spins. This video isn’t my best attempt, but it wasn’t my worst either. Well, maybe the first one, where I was completely off balance was one of the worst….

2/2/17 – Scratch Spin in Lesson

My best salchow was the one I did to show the teacher where I was. It had a little lift; I was balanced on the back outside edge; it wasn’t too “swingy”. The thing I needed to work on was my arms. Apparently they were just kinda there. After that, the more I practiced my arms, the worse my feet got! At one point, the co-teacher, who is like 14-15 years old, broke it down with the “h” position idea. I watched her and it looked like her jump was separate from her three-turn. Her jump was great; I saw her points, but doing them was a completely different story. 

And then there were those weird backward outside three-turns… Backward crossovers, left foot in front of your right foot, and you turn counter-clockwise on your left foot. I’m not sure how to do that when my weight is on my right foot. I guess there will be videos in my future… and practice – lots of opportunities for practice! 

As I was leaving, the coach said not to worry about those because they are a level ahead of where we are. I laughed and said I have no idea what level I am, but I’ll practice them and I’m sure I’ll figure it out!

And now I am home with a huge, painful knot in my lower back on the left side. My husband is experimenting with his tens unit to see if it helps. I don’t feel like I did anything to deserve this pain, no tweaks, no falls, everything felt strong. Sigh… Such is life for now, I guess, but I refuse to let this become the new normal. 


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