Lesson 7 – Flip Jumps and Footwork

The one jump I remember doing as an adult, besides a Waltz Jump, is a flip. Although, now that we tried them in today’s lesson, I can’t imagine that could be true. However, I went to my YouTube site and watched the video from 2013 and sure enough, it was an attempt of a flip. 

What a difference four years and a few painful falls makes… I spent over half of the lesson trying to get the flip presentable. These are my two of my better attempts, but I’m still not getting all the way around. 

2/25/17 Flip Attempt
2/25/17 Flip Attempt (again)

It started much worse than this. I made the mistake of doing a half-flip and that completely confused me when I tried the real flip. Luckily, one of the other adult students offered some pointers his coach told him. I watched him a few times and eventually I worked up the nerve to try it. My first 20 or so tries involved my free leg touching the ice. I was so excited the first time it didn’t, but then I saw my video and noticed I wasn’t getting all the way around. But, it’s definite progress. 

I practiced my salchow, toe-loop, and Waltz jumps and those all felt good. My back is definitely improving and bothered me much less today.

After getting worn out from jumping, I asked for help on the pre-bronze moves in the field footwork that I am struggling on. My worst skill, by far, is back inside edges. I guess they’re going to just take lots of practice, as they felt just as terrible after I asked for help than when I was practicing them before class started. 

I was happy to see that my reading and YouTube watching was beneficial for my Waltz 8. It’s hard to practice moves such as this on a crowded ice, but I think I was doing it correctly and feel like my confidence improved doing it during class. 

We only have two classes left of this session and then I have to decide if I want to sign up for the next session. It’s only 6 or 7 weeks long, depending on the day, and I’ll be gone three of the weeks, but I may be able to double up before I leave town for a really long business trip in West Virginia. Mental note – look for a rink near my hotel and use that time to practice!!

I hope to take the pre-bronze moves in the field test in August after receiving sage advice that USFSA dues aren’t prorated and renew in July. I will also need a coach by that point, so waiting until then allows me to take two more Learn to Skate sessions. 

I think I know who I will want for a coach, but she’s incredibly experienced, very technique driven, and probably won’t come cheap. I guess it will all depend on if her schedule works with mine and if she’s accepting new students. Luckily I have a few months to figure this all out!

Until then, I’m just thankful I’m improving and feeling better. I finished the Whole30 on Thursday and am to the reintroduction phase. I’m improvising this part a little, as I want to introduce items, not whole categories, but I don’t want it to take forever. I’m also monitoring many variables (weight, measurements, sleep, stress, focus, energy, and mood) to look for changes. Any significant change will return me to the Whole30 to stabilize. I’ve been very pleased with the Whole30 and between this and the Daniel Fast, I’ve lost about 15 pounds! More importantly, I’ve been sleeping better and feel better, physically and emotionally. I’ve also been working on the spiritual side too, and see improvements in my relationship with God, as well.  2017 is off to a very good start!!


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