Lesson 8 – It’s Starting to Click

I took off of work today to attend the “home school” lesson, as I couldn’t make this evening or Saturday. I’m so glad I did, because this may change my perspective on lessons. 

When I arrived at the rink, the 10:15 ice time was finishing up. Granted, this is ice that you pay for per each 30-minutes, but there were only a few people on the ice, most of whom were taking lessons and one person was practicing. The “Learn to Skate” practice sessions may only be $5 for an hour, but they are so much more crowded, making it hard to practice. 

I saw the public session after the group lesson is also pretty empty. I understand it’s a bit more crowded directly after the group lesson, but it thins out quickly. And other days are even less crowded (provided it’s not a holiday, of course). I wish my boss would allow me to work an hour later, so I could come skate in middle of the day. But, even if he continues to say no, it may be worth paying for practice/lesson ice.

I was also able to talk to the coach I am interested in and it seems promising. I figure if I take a lesson every other week to start, it may not be too much of a financial or time burden. I’ll have to figure out when and include ice costs and practice times to see if everything makes sense.

The lesson was good. I don’t have any fancy videos because there was only one coach for the four adults and everyone was working on different skills. 

I started working on my spins and I better understand the approach to the scratch spin and now know that your arms go out before they come in to speed it up. 

I asked about back inside edges and the coach’s first question to me was whether I had done them before. I guess she wanted to know if muscle memory would kick back in, and it seemed to! She had me just skate backwards in a line and get on the inside edge as I did that. Then she showed me how to push out and pidgeon toe my other foot to come back in. Then, we added basic arms. Those drills helped so much and I went from having no grasp on what to do to somewhat respectable edges! At least now I know how to practice. 

One of the other adults was working on her mohawks. I do sloppy mohawks, mostly because I haven’t stopped to consider the technique. I was able to work on that today and made them a lot more precise on the foot placement. 

Finally, the other adult was working on Waltz jumps, so I did some of those too. At the end of class, the coach encouraged me to be patient on the take-off. I’ve never really considered that before. I tried it once before it was time to go, but didn’t notice if it made a difference, other than I was more balanced in my landing. I need to think about this and try it on some other jumps too. Chances are I rush more things than not.

Next week is the last group lesson of this session. I hope to finish strong and have some answers for what I want to do next!!


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