First Lesson of the Second “Learn to Skate” Session

Saturday, March 25 was the first lesson of my second Learn to Skate group session. I decided to sign up for one more set of group lessons because there are only six lessons for the Saturday session. I will be out of town for three weeks, so I thought I could double up while I am here and make the six lessons and start private lessons in mid-May.

My second session will be tonight, so I thought I better catch up on my progress before I get too far behind.

Unfortunately, I have no videos, but honestly, they wouldn’t have been pretty. I’ll be quick here…

I think I am to a point where I am going to need a lot of practice to get through the skills I am struggling with. They all involve backwards, and many of them require inside edges. This seems to be my weakness…

I was able to get the left back outside three-turn that I couldn’t do in my testing. I would say I keep my balance on one foot about 40-50% of the time. That is significant progress from being completely unstable and unable to do it during the testing. I need to practice both sides, but they felt a lot stronger during my practice on Saturday.

Back inside three-turns did not go according to plan. Since I was the only Freeskate adult, I asked for help with these. We started with back inside edges, and of course, that’s the problem. I worked on my back inside edges for over half the class, and then tried the three-turns. Neither went particularly well. I did great when the coach was holding my hands!! I wonder if we can do that for the testing?!?

I then decided I wanted to learn a back scratch spin and a loop jump. It seemed logical that the spin should come first and that will help me prepare for the loop. We worked on the spin, but I was not comfortable enough to try the loop.

The spin only requires two revolutions for Freeskate 2, and technically, I learned how to do that, but I still have a long way to go to call it a back scratch spin (Freeskate 3). I think I know how to practice, or rather I did on Saturday….

Now that I am thinking about it, I’m not so sure… I guess I will find out this evening. This is why having videos helps me. I’m not sure I remember how to do any of the skills we worked on Saturday.

By the way, I know my struggles here are a result of weak inner thigh muscles, as my legs were sore on Sunday. I definitely favor the forward moves over the backwards moves, and that is likely why.

My mom told me that when I was younger, we started every practice with a forward and backward warm-up. Maybe I need to find a conditioning algorithm to strengthen my legs. I can start all of my practices with that. I can also start some off-ice conditioning that focuses on my inner thighs.

I suspect once my inner thighs get stronger, these back inner moves will get easier!

I did some jumps at the end of my lesson on Saturday. I was able to get my waltz jump higher. I felt like my salchow was continuing to improve, but I learned it still needed some tweaking. I was surprised to hear that the coach thought my toe-loop was better than my salchow!

I’m thinking tonight might be a repeat of my practice/lesson from Saturday…



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