Edges, Back Spins, and Loops…

Saturday, March 8th was my 3rd lesson of the second set of group lessons, or lesson 12 overall. While I am still in “stuck” mode with some moves, overall I feel like I have progressed. My husband was at my lesson and my mom saw my videos and they both really could see my progress from when I started. That made me feel good.

Of course I forgot my new skating notebook at home, so I had to try and remember all of the pointers I received until I was able to get home and unload them on paper…

I think my back inside edges improved from last lesson to practice to Saturday’s lesson. In the lesson, there wasn’t the opportunity to go across the rink with one type of edges, so I alternated two inside and then turned into two outside. I actually liked that way of practicing!

20170308_Back Inside Edges in Practice (kinda funny that you can hear my commentary as my husband started videoing without “permission”)

20170308_Back Inside and Outside Edges

The next thing I worked on in the lesson was the dreaded “back spin”. I did not take a video during practice because it was that terrible, which you will be able to tell from my lesson attempts here:

20170308_Back Spin

20170308_More Back Spin (I love Mike’s comment “that was better”.  I guess that’s good enough!! Laugh)

After I got frustrated with back spins, I asked the instructor what I should do next. She suggested a loop. I previously thought that I should be able to do the back spin before attempting the loop, but I went along with it. There was a varying degree of success with the loop, and they didn’t progress from worse to best; they were all over the place. These are some of my first loop attempts (after I got past marking the ice and thinking about how to actually make myself jump):

20170308_First Set of Loop Attempts

20170308_Loop Jump

20170308_More Loop Jumps

I did so many of those, I thought my leg was going to fall off. I decided to take a break and use the other leg and try out the flip jump, since it’s been a few weeks since I started learning it:

20170308_Flip Jump

And, I finished up with a salchow, since I feel like I am finally getting the hang of it:


I feel like I am making progress, but there’s so far to go…. But, if my goal is to master the single jumps only, I should be well on my way to being successful. I’ve now tried everything except for the Lutz and the Axel, and those may take a while!


Repeat Lesson…. March 30, 2017

Yep, as I expected it, this lesson ended up being a repeat of last week’s lesson. And, as anyone who knows me will completely recognize, I’m not a big fan of being stagnant. I am the kind of person who has to see *some* kind of improvement to feel successful. I can even handle the two steps forward, one step back approach because I’m content to just be moving, and there’s always a reason for setbacks. Being stuck in the same place, however, is not my thing.

I did try something different, however. I bought a notebook…. A notebook? You might ask? How will that help? You’re already blogging every lesson and taking videos to remember where you’ve been (and hopefully what you’ve learned)… What good will writing down information do?

Good question – here’s what I’m thinking.

First of all, my legs need some conditioning, especially going backwards. They’re weaker than I would like them to be and weak legs make skating hard. If I keep writing down my warm-up, maybe I will find something that works for me that I can do every time.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, I need to remember the tips I get in my lessons so that I can practice them correctly. The amount I remembered from my previous lesson was so negligible that I had to spend an entire lesson being retaught the same skills. That wasn’t fun. I figure if I write down the tips that I receive, I will be more likely to remember them and implement them into my practice. Nothing is more frustrating than practicing things incorrectly, or doing worse in practice than you did the previous week because you forgot what you did that was right.

Don’t worry, I won’t type my notes word for word…. only the highlights!! 🙂

The most encouraging thing that happened is the coach (who was new to me) and I were talking about the Theatre on Ice team that the rink has and she seemed to think I would be able to try out for the team in August. I’m not sure how their practices will work with my schedule, or even if I have the required skills, but I am so excited that someone thought I may have a chance.

We did forward and backward crossovers, which was nice because I do an okay job on them (still need some pointers, but it’s at least a successful outcome). Aside from that, it was backward inside edges, back outsides three-turns, back inside three-turns…. over and over and over. Practice makes perfect, right? Sigh…. I’m still very inconsistent in everything.

Maybe by studying my notes, Saturday will be a little better…