In Limbo…

I skated once when I was in West Virginia for three weeks, but my schedule didn’t allow for going as much as I wanted.  I also ended up missing the last class of my skating session because my youngest had his TKD testing during the exact same time.  I was bummed, but glad I got to see him test.

I had hoped to be taking private lessons by now, but I have not been able to get in touch with the coach I am interested in using.  I will try calling rather than texting, but I wonder if the summer is really going to work for lessons, as there will be crowded public sessions during the middle of the day when I look to go.

I have not lost interest, and am excited to move on to the next step, but maybe it will have to wait until after the summer.  I am also doing CrossFit with my son this summer, so that takes away from my expendable cash for hobbies… On the bright side, being stronger will help my jumps and on my first day back, we did pistols (one legged squats), which should help this old broad be able to do a shoot the duck in competition!!


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