Figure Skating after Age 40

I started ice-skating at age three, mostly at the Plaza Ice Rink in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I competed for several years, both as an individual and as part of a precision team called the L’il Dixies.  Our precision team was National Champions two years in a row.  I didn’t fair as well in my competitions, as I had a tendency to rush through everything (things may not have changed in this area… ha).  It was a great time and I have many fond memories of this part of my life.  My family relocated to Covington, Louisiana the summer before I started 4th grade.  That year, I decided that the hour-long treks to New Orleans were too much for me to continue skating.  Shortly after I quit, the Plaza Ice Rink closed for good, ending the opportunity for figure skating in New Orleans.  Figure skating has always been one of those “coulda shoulda woulda” things in my life.  How good could I have been had I never quit?  I always looked forward to skating again, but for one reason or another, I never followed through on my desires.  I think now is the time.  I’m officially in that “Over 40” division I remember from competitions as a child.  I realized that the nearest ice rink is only ~15 minutes from work and maybe only ~30-40 minutes from home; I think that’s doable at this stage in my life.  So, it’s time…. I am ready to embark on the challenge of picking up where I left off 30 years ago….


2 thoughts on “Figure Skating after Age 40

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog while looking for waltz-jump tips and wound up reading way more than I thought I would. Good on you for getting back on the ice as an adult!

    I’m also rediscovering my youthful ice skating pursuits as an adult, and it’s super encouraging to know that I’m not the only one who’s come back to it years later–it’s so intimidating to go to freestyle sessions where every skater is younger and better than I am!

    Best of luck as you keep reclaiming a talebt of your youth! You got this. ❤


    • Thanks so much!! I came across other people’s skating blog after I decided to start again. I loved reading what they wrote so much, I thought it would be fun. There are plenty of us skating as adults!!

      I haven’t gone to any freestyle stations yet, but I can imagine how intimidating it would be. However, it might be worth it to not have to play “dodge person” so much!!

      Best of luck to you!!! What level are you?


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